Hi.  I'm Sydney, the original Retirement Diva!

After spending most of my 50's working through a profound period of awakening and re-inventing, I came out on the other side to the loud sounds of a virtual clock ticking.  No, it wasn't about having a baby.  It was about retiring.

I'd worked hard all my life, making and yes, squandering money. Between divorce, single parenting, job relocations and lots of other "stuff", I found myself less than 10 years away from being eligible for retirement and knowing that I wasn't ready.

Conversations with a few retirement (aka "investment") professionals who told me I needed at least a million dollars to retire didn't help. That wasn't going to happen, so that's when I knew I needed another plan.

Thankfully, I've always been a creative problem-solver with strong research skills and an open mind. Armed with those skills and the lessons I learned during my own reinvention, the concept of Retirement Divas was born.

I've always dreamed of creating a business that aligns with my core values and personal passions. Helping other women overcome some of the same challenges I've faced/am facing in ways that are creative, innovative, and effective is what I do best. Retirement Divas allows me to do just that.

The Retirement Diva approach to retirement planning is a journey.  It starts the moment you say "Yes" to embracing a new way forward. I'm here to help. 

For now I'm focusing on creating and sharing content to help you get started.  Soon after I'll be available for customized coaching.  Be sure to signed up for my email list so I can keep you informed as new resources and tools are added.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you!