Why you're never to young to be a Retirement Diva

Two things happened recently that made me realize that I've been much too limiting in my definition of who might be a Retirement Diva.

First, I watched as my daughter launched her own line of health and wellness products, Selah Soul. She's been refining the concept and experimenting with different ingredients and scents for a few years now, and it's finally all come together beautifully. I couldn't be more proud.

As I listen in amazement to how she strategizes about her social media strategies, does her research to find the best deal on the best products, and remembers the importance of self-care, I realize that at 31 she's already practicing many of the principals of the Retirement Diva model.

It's not something that I've been consciously trying to teach her... it's better than that. She sees how following these principals and utilizing the resources and tactics I've been identifying has made a huge difference in my personal life, and now with launching Retirement Divas. She's starting using some of my resources and strategies, as well as developing her own, and they're working for her.

Today I talked to a new "old friend" (yes, I'm talking about you "Z", you know who you are! LOL) who's facilitating a series of programs based around my recently published book, Intentional Mindfulness: A 30-Day Journey. I shared one of my long-term goals of developing a mentorship program in which successful Retirement Divas (aren't we all?) will be matched with younger women in an intergenerational mentorship program so that young women can see what living our best lives as we age looks like and start integrating the principles of the Retirement Diva model much earlier than many women in my age-cohort did. A common theme among us has been wishing that we'd been able to start preparing for our second acts and creating financial security for ourselves so much earlier than we did. The good news is that it's not too late.

So my new old friend asked me why I'm waiting to invite younger women into the fold? After all, Retirement Divas is all about redefining retirement, and for many young women, that may mean retiring much earlier.

That simple question made me realize that, as much as I hate to admit it, I'd fallen into the trap of carving a comfortable niche for myself well within my comfort zone. I convinced myself that only "women like me" would be interested in what I have to say and that only they could benefit from what I have to share. Thankfully, my daughter and my new friend helped me realize I was making a huge mistake.

Wouldn't it be awesome to provide a supportive environment for all women, no matter their age, to live their best lives now and create their own financial freedom for their futures? Somebody's got to try, so why not me?

While the need for a supportive community of women preparing for retirement is greatest for women of the Baby Boomer generation since thousands of us are retiring every day, most of the focus here will be on us. But other than make-up tips and exercise tips for mature women over 50, there's little else to be found here or on my Pinterest boards that couldn't benefit younger women as well.

So, whether you're retiring at 65 or at 36, you're not too young, or too old, to share the journey with us. I'm sure there are countless things we can learn from each other along the way.

Living our best lives,


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